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Why Invest In france

Reasons To Do Business In France

France is one of the most powerful global powers in the world but what’s it like to do business there.

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We help you identify fresh FDI and Inward Investment opportunities by building a pipeline of new qualified leads for your region. Our lead generation services help you quickly qualify and develop foreign direct investment opportunities to boost economic growth.


We offer a comprehensive suite of trainings in lead generation, after-care and investment attraction strategies. Our training helps your organization innovate faster, develop better investment attraction solutions for your region, and accomplish your objectives more efficiently.

We equip Economic Developers with information that will help them take the lead on outreach and investment promotion by identifying relevant companies and potential leads to target.

We can provide a regular, on-the-ground presence across Canada, the United States, Europe and South America. Our FDI advisors understand the specific advantages of your region and will represent your interests when meeting with companies on your behalf.

We are designing and implementing business retention & expansion programs that help your community build strong relationships with investors and facilitate company retention, expansion, and diversification.
We combine a multi-channel outreach strategy with diligent follow-through to reach, secure and confirm appointments between investment promotion professionals and their ideal prospects.

We help your region’s existing companies reach full potential by identifying new business development prospects. Our B2B lead generation and market-entry services help companies generate more demand, increase conversions, and turn more leads into sales.


Insights derived from benchmarking can provide you with data on how you measure up against competing regions in key metrics such as economic incentives, workforce availability, utility rates or transportation infrastructure.

About France

France is one of the most modern and highly-developed countries in the world.

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